Friday, March 22, 2013

"Change Before You have To" Working the Senior Market circa 2013 - Part III

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This is the last installment of our three part series of blogs for the month of March. Our goal at Senior marketing Specialists this month was to help you, the agent, expand your sales horizons and income while serving the consumer.

Medicare and a Medicare Supplement or MA will not pay the bills for recovery from an illness or accident in the future. These programs are designed for acute care and recovery will take place outside of the hospital. They will need two things to avoid out-of-pocket expenditures; your help and additional coverage. 

Many policies in the health insurance field today are so complicated in their benefit structure that even I, with 30+ years’ experience, have a have a hard time understanding what is covered and how much am I going to get paid. The Hospital Indemnity Policies being offered today are a classic example of knowing what you’re buying and understanding the benefits. These policies provide cash to the policyholder that can be used for any number of items after they have been confined to a hospital: 

· Paying health insurance deductibles, whether underage, Med Advantage or Med Supplement.
· Paying for charges not covered by other insurance.
· Paying for relative travel and lodging to help out.
· Paying bills at home.
· Paying for housekeeping while you recover.
· Etc…

These policies also offer riders to pay for doctors, surgery, cancer and prescription drugs. In most cases the cash indemnity is paid to the policyholder direct and they can then use the money as they see fit. The underwriting is minimal and premiums are affordable, starting at just a few dollars a month. Even those on a fixed budget may able to afford this coverage.


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