Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Paying the Bills When Medicare Stops

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In 1983 Medicare implemented the DRG Prospective Payment System for hospitals. This system caused patients to leave the hospital as soon as their condition was stabilized in what the Mayo Clinic would call “Quicker and Sicker."

October 1, 2012 Medicare Limits Hospital Readmissions*. More than 2,000 hospitals — including some nationally recognized ones — will be penalized by the government starting in October because many of their patients are readmitted soon after discharge.

Together, these hospitals will forfeit more than $280 million in Medicare funds over the next year. 

Nearly 2 million Medicare beneficiaries are readmitted within 30 days of release each year, costing Medicare $17.5 billion in additional hospital bills.*
So, what does all this mean??? The aforementioned phrase from the Mayo Clinic, “Quicker and Sicker”,  resonates today more than ever.

At Senior Marketing Specialists we have dedicated the month of June to Home Health Care and our NEW product from Kemper, Senior Solutions Home Health Care Insurance Plan.

With all the changes taking place in Medicare and health care in this country the need for policies paying cash to seniors in addition to Medicare and their Medicare supplemental plans is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Watch for webinars and more articles this month and ask yourself; “How will my clients pay the bills when Medicare stops.”


  1. I am on vacation when this Webinar takes place and will not have access.
    Will this be repeated or a copy available?

  2. We try and record each webinar we host. Generally they are all posted on the SMS University ( and we try and embed it in the original blog article above. It usually takes a few days after the webinar to get the recording live.


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