Thursday, July 18, 2013

AEP is Almost Here, and I’m Confused

For the last seven years one thing we have all been through is “CHANGE” in the Medicare Advantage market. This is not only frustrating, but requires our time and attention in order to participate in what is the peak annual Medicare sales season. Let’s review some past changes:
  • ·       New CMS regulations regarding what we can and can’t do.
  • ·       New company certification requirements.
  • ·       Company mergers and outright withdrawals of plans and areas.
  • ·       Companies suspended from sales activity.
  • ·       New networks.
  • ·       Networks being abandoned.
  • ·       Plans changing premium, out-of-pocket costs, deductibles, co-pay and benefits both positively and negatively.

And the list goes on… So, why do we do this year after year?

Since inception over 15,000,000 Medicare recipients have enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan. Currently only 11,000,000 recipients own a Medicare Supplement policy (industry numbers show that 60% of Medicare Supplements sold are sold in the fourth quarter of the year). Medicare Advantage has grown the market share, of companies that supplement Medicare, exponentially in only SEVEN YEARS!!! Medicare Advantage has allowed more agents to sell more plans and receive more commission dollars than any other change in Medicare since 1965.

Is it worth the trouble??? At Senior Marketing Specialists we believe it is. Last year our agents enrolled over 10,000 Medicare recipients in MA plans and we anticipate that number increasing this year.

Let us help you adapt to the constant changes and challenges of a program moving from adolescence to maturity. Call us… WE ARE YOUR MEDICARE EXPERTS!!!

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